Celebrating one year

let's do it

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Celebrating One Year

It's a Big deal

Yes! You made it. The first year. Now, it's time to celebrate with the best party ever. We've created the perfect package to capture this time.
It starts with your favorite outfit (or ours-we have options) to capture this milestone. Then we move into the Cake Smash in a different outfit. We can have fun planning this one!
We finish our time with a splash in the tub with little duckies, soap and lots of giggles!

Let's Do It

Inspiration for ONE Year!

Preparing for the One Year Smash and Splash Session

The Basics: Our one-year session is generally scheduled for one month prior to their birthday. This gives time for us to complete your gallery so you can have images for their birthday. This session begins with one outfit for classic portraits. Then we transition into a different outfit for the cake smash and finish up with a tubby splash. If it is June-October, we can do the first outfit outdoors in our meadow. We do have a variety of dresses for girls that you may use. If you are choosing a dress (we have some available in our studio for you to use too), please bring along a diaper cover that matches. We suggest bare little toes and no shoes. We ask that you provide snapshots of your outfit and the cake smash outfit that you will bring. This helps us plan the session. Please wash, iron, and try on all clothing PRIOR to your session. Big bulky clothing is very challenging to keep little ones comfortable, so make sure you choose simple, timeless, and fitted clothing.

Who Can Come Along? Please definitely bring along your spouse/grandparent/friend to give you a hand. In order for me to fully focus on quickly capturing those smiles and an active one, we will need extra hands (one to help them smile close to the camera and one for safety while on chairs/stools/running away from me). Also, it's great to have extra hands for the Smash and Splash portion. However, we ask at this time you do not bring small siblings along. It can be overwhelming and distracting to have to care for/guide another sibling while focusing on the 'Star of the Show.' Let this be a special time that you are fully focused on the Birthday Baby! If you have older siblings that can be an asset and helping hand, please connect with me to see if that would work to bring them.

Smash and Splash Details: You will provide your child's cake, a towel and washcloth for the tubby splash, and extra clothes for after. We suggest using a local baker and choosing a non-fondant cake that allows ease of eating for your child. We suggest purchasing either an onesie or a simple outfit (one-piece or onesie). No shirt is also adorable if that's your style. If you choose no shirt, please always bring along a fun diaper cover. We will talk through what backdrop/setup you would like to use. We have some that have are 3D (they have balloons/props that look like they are actually right behind them). We usually have you bring along some extra balloons for the floor. If you want to use a banner, please make sure it is small (4ft) and has a clear fishing line attached (8ft long) so we can tie it to our backdrop stands. You do have the option to purchase an add-on balloon arch set up. That means we will create a custom colored balloon arch for the backdrop and you just bring the cake, baby and outfit. Let us know your preference! Once they are done with the smash, you will start to undress them near the messy area and I will bring in a vintage bubbly tub with ducks so they can have some splash time (plus this helps them get cleaned up). Please plan to get messy! Once they've splashed a bit, we are finished and you can get them dressed and I will clean up!

After the Session: We will sort through and prepare a proofing gallery. We will send you some sneak peeks on social/email and your proofing gallery within 1 week. You will choose your favorites and then we will edit those for your final gallery. You can choose more digitals from the proofing gallery. In your final gallery, you get your chosen edited digital images and all the candid images of the Smash and Splash (we do a very light edit but leave them natural therefore choose to provide you with all the candids!). Your final gallery will be done between 2-3 weeks after your choose your favorites. You can order prints from your gallery which will be shipped directly to you. You also get a print release for your digitals if needed.