A little bit about growing a Baby

I love babies. It's been my speciality for 12 years +. I (Jen) have birthed 4 beautiful babies who are now almost all grown. I have photographed my daughter just 2 days prior to giving birth to my first grandson and now I have 3 grand babies! I loved watching their bellies grow in anticipation of delivering a child. I am here to make you feel comfortable in your own body. It's not always easy as you grow but I believe we were created for birth these tiny humans. You can do it. So your session will be catered to what you want. Do you like the outdoors swinging your dress in the wind (don't worry I'll show you how to do that while you naturally laugh!)? Do you prefer a beautiful white space in front of a window and a big white bed? Sounds good to me. If you have a naturally lit home, we can come to you. We also have a gorgeous studio where we can use our white bed/window or a dark backdrop if your heart beats for classic and gorgeous. No matter where we choose to do your session, my goal is to make you forget you are a little clumsier, can't sleep well, and have extra worries of acne. I'll edit that to make you look and feel natural. Not fake. Natural. Think of me as your best friend just hanging out trying on clothes when you were a teenager. My goal is make you relax and feel gorgeous because you ARE!

Maternity Sessions are best done between 30-34 weeks of your pregnancy. We have multiple dresses/gowns you can wear and we can customize your session using gowns or you can bring your own clothing. We have a stylized guide to help you choose the best outfit/s. We can include siblings and significant others in this session. We only do maternity sessions with our newborn clients. Please book both sessions and save when you book them together!

Preparing for Your Session

Your maternity session will be done between 30-34 weeks pregnant. We want you to be comfortable but big enough to showcase that beautiful baby belly. We only do maternity sessions on clients that have booked a newborn session with us.

Your session can be done outdoors in our meadow June-October or in the snow! It can also be posed in our studio. For an additional travel fee, we can do this in your home if you have a neutral colored bedding and a natural light window within 8 ft of your bed. We would need to confirm this with images prior to choosing this as the best option. We do love the lifestyle choice this offers.

We have some dresses available that you can choose or we will provide a stylized Pinterest page to help you choose the best outfit for you. We suggest adding accessories and getting your hair/make up done. Please wash, iron and try on all clothing PRIOR to your session. Our goal is to provide you with both posed and natural images as a couple. You can add sibling/s to this session. Check out our Pinterest page for some amazing ideas on flow dresses and ideas/accessories to add to your session.

Let's dream together....

Let us know what type of maternity session you would love. Outdoors. In our studio. Lifestyle in your home.

Send us a message and let's start the conversation to capture this time. We have a variety of gowns, wraps, sweaters, blankets and more to customize your session. We want you to remember this time and how beautiful you are carrying this precious baby. Let's start planning!