Elite Collections

From time to time, we offer elite collections because dream of ideas while taking a shower, driving down the road and seeing beautiful trees blossoming or watching our grandkids dance around in the sweetest dress! These collections are often very limited and are geared towards those who want a unique specialized session where Jen is fully 1000% invested in creating all the details, either providing outfits or highly suggesting specific ones, grabbing all the perfect (and new or vintage) props and setting up all the details from time and location to what she is dreaming the outcome to be! Jen etches out more prep time, more time with the clients and often will use her ever changing creativity to edit the images with the WOW factor. This means that you, the loyal client, will get a variety of candid and posed proofs, it may take a little longer to edit but will always provide a rich collection of final images. In fact, you will get a decent amount of finely edited digital images so often she doesn't put an exact number because she will provide you will a specific amount to choose from your proofs but will always give you MORE than you asked for because much of this is about keeping her creative and providing YOU with something extremely unique!

Lavender Field of Dreams

Session will take place at Warwick Furnace Farms in Chester County PA on either July 1 between 6:30-8pm (with an option to choose one more date June 25 or July 2-based on availability). You choose your first choice and dependent on payment timing.

Starts at $575

Backyard Linen

Motherhood: A simple flowing white dress, some rolled up jeans for boys (maybe a white tee, maybe not), a romper for girls. A washline with white sheets and a fun quilt to snuggle up on. Summer Backyard love. Pre Sunset dates in May/June upon booking.


Your Dream

If you are a creative, you might have a dream that you want an in home relaxed candid natural light session with no shoes. Or you found a field or a specific seasonal flowers or trees. Local only.

Contact me for varied pricing