Fresh 48 Newborn Collection

A collection of lifestyle images in the first hours after your baby arrives

Now pre-booking 2 due dates per month

Our Fresh 48 Collection is new for 2024. Jen has captured live births in her early photography days which made her fall in love with Studio Newborn Sessions (her niche). With her experience as a nurse for many years, birthing and raising 4 babies and now being very involved in her (almost) 5 grandchildren's lives has her excited about this next opportunity for her clients. With 14 years experience in newborn photography, Jen is safe, compassionate, creative, & is eager to provide great care for your tiny baby. You will feel at ease with her as she moves around the room capturing tiny details and moments.

The first 24-48 hours when babies are their 'freshest' and newest is a wonderful time to photograph them in natural light, simply and delicately capturing all the tiny details from wrinkly toes and fingers, fuzzy ears, little lips and more. This collection is not the same as her studio newborns. These are designed to be a short 45 minute time frame where she slips in, wheels your little baby in the bassinet towards the window and captures details with just a diaper/white onesie and then one wrap (ours or yours). We can add a tiny headband for a girl if you wish and if you have a name board/prop we can include that. Jen will (optional) take a few pictures of both parents (and siblings if there) with the baby. She will walk you through the details on what you need (not much) and what she can bring alongside her camera and loving presence.

We are well aware that many local hospitals offer 'newborn photos' but this work is very different. With our 14 year experience and creative eye, this will look completely different than what is offered. Want to know more--just ask and we can show you the differences. Check out our Google and Facebook reviews and client stories for more.

Because babies arrive when they want, it is important to pre-book this and contact Jen via text when you go into labor so she can begin to prep when she can arrive after the baby is delivered. Jen does have a back up incredible photographer who can jump in if she is unable to make the timeframe (ya know..vacation or life because babies can be 2 weeks early or late). So we have you covered!

What if I want to do a Studio Newborn Session? Perfect. They are amazing compliments to one another and you can save by purchasing both. One is very natural, short and sweet and the studio session is very planned, organized, set up and posed in great detail. Please note that a Fresh 48 does not include posing babies in props (other than bassinet). The purpose of this session is to focus solely on the new features of your baby and those first hours or day after birth. If you choose both collections, you will get a discount for combining if they are booked at the same time.

All the Tiny Details

Jen can photograph (with your permission) in any local hospital, birth center or home (home births can add ala carte-if Jen is available-actual birth coverage). She is available to come to travel to Lancaster, Harrisburg or York area -within 30 miles of 17545 (additional charge may incur for longer distance). Please check with Jen if she is available for your due date and location prior to booking.

Fresh 48 Collection includes:

  • A detailed questionnaire from Jen which will provide all your details and any requests
  • Our Fresh 48 Simple Prep Guide
  • 45 min -1 hour time slot where baby was born within 25 miles of 17545 (further is additional cost)
  • Two set ups: One in bassinet with diaper/cover and white long sleeve onesie (optional hat/headband), One wrapped in a simple wrap color of your choice (yours or ours-we have hundreds with one sleepy cap/hat and head) used for newborn and for parent/s and/or siblings to hold/look at, a few of baby laying on your white bed. Jen will use her creativity to capture a variety of lifestyle images.
  • Images are captured in front of a natural light window
  • Includes Newborn (parents and siblings if available/desired)
  • Online proofing and final edited gallery
  • Digital Images to download from your gallery
  • Access to our Online Print Shop attached to your gallery
  • Print Release