It's Time To Celebrate Motherhood

*NOW EXTENDED TO June 13th for the safety of our community.

Motherhood is such a wonderful job and gift. Being a mommy is the best thing many of us will get to do. We love these little beings with all of our hearts and souls and it deserves to be documented. I have had the desire to capture this love in a pure and simple way. I know how important it was for me to have gorgeous image of my 2 daughters and I when they were the itty bitty age of one and three. Now they are in their twenties and I cherish this gorgeous print in my home. I have to be honest--at the time I didn't feel beautiful but when I got those images back, I was in AWE! I loved them. My kids love seeing this piece of art in our home.

We do a lot of posing in our photography with families and we want to add some fun, laughter, and candid snuggles. That is why we created this special Mommy and Me Session just for you this year! This session will be 'snuggle time' and fun with you and your kids. Think of this as more of a Lifestyle Session where we will work with you to feel relaxed, beautiful, and candid. Even if you don't think you can have fun--we PROMISE that we will help you. Let us take care of that part.

I love seeing mom's tear up when they see images that reflect the beauty of their journey. As moms we are typically the ones HOLDING the camera, therefore we are rarely IN photos. But let me tell you, your kids will appreciate you stepping out of your comfort zone to capture your connection at this age. Motherhood is not always glamorous, it’s exhausting physically and mentally, but it is the best work we will ever do. So don't let this phase pass you by without letting us capture you and your kids.

Here are a few sneak peeks of our 2020 Mommy & Me set. It includes a variety of options that we will use: A beautiful white/off white bedroom set with some boho natural accents, a wicker chair and a teal vintage couch with a macrame background. We have some dresses that you may use for your kids. We have a few mommy dresses. And, we have created a Pinterest Guide to help you pick outfits. We will guide you to prepare for this fun day together. These sessions are designed for Mommy's of ANY age and babies/kids of any age. It's not just for itty bitty babes. We just happen to have some to model for us and aren't they gorgeous?

This session makes a great gift (Mother’s Day is coming up, so start dropping hints!). No regrets, mommas. Let's do this! Limited availability so grab your time slot today. June 13th will be a weekend devoted to celebrate YOU!